Ryūmya and Yui

The historical background of the playscript has been researched and written by Dr Szymon Gredżuk, and applied to the text adaptation by Alistair McCallum of the original work – Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. This play is staged by the Drama Production class at Meio University in Japan, under the supervision of Dr Sylwia Dobkowska.

The play happens in the first half of the 15th century, Miyako Island. Miyako is ruled by two families: Chūdū family – descendants of Meguro Mori, who defeated Yonahabaru and brought unity and peace to the island, as well as Shirakawa family – descendants of Yonaha Sedo. Once almost killed in war with Meguro Mori, he sailed to Okinawa and established tributary connection with the Chūzan Kingdom, bringing back trade and prosperity to Miyako. He was appointed an overlord of Miyako by the King of Chūzan, for the grudge of the Chūdū family. 




IMG_6631.JPGDrama Production Class at Meio University 2019, the script author Dr Szymon Gredżuk and the director Dr Sylwia Dobkowska