25.11.2022 Noc Anglistów, University of Gdańsk, Poland

Together with dr Katarzyna Pastuszak we organised at the University of Gdańsk workshops that were a part of a country-wide event called Noc Anglistów (the Long Night of Anglicists). The event happened simultaneously at 15 universities in Poland.

8.02.2021 – present Internship Supervisor, University of Gdańsk, Poland

I am responsible for an extensive internship programme. Every Arts Management student needs to work 600 hours in art institutions. I work closely with the Dean’s Office at University of Gdańsk, as well as art institutions and theatres in Poland.

1.10.2020 – present Student Association Supervisor, University of Gdańsk, Poland

“Projector” Student Association is an outstanding group of creative and motivated students from the Arts Management course. They gather together to organise various artistic events:

1.04.2020 – 1.10.2022 Institute Website and ZAIKSS (MA Arts Management) Website Development: The projects required gathering information and writing about the department and the course, as well as preparing short syllabi description for the potential Erasmus students.

2015 – 2017 Principal (Head of Administration), Santa Monica International School, Japan

Administration: I was responsible for school leadership across all the grades K-8, faculty staff supervision, staff recruitment, implementing school-wide security procedures. Santa Monica International School was a member of Western Association of Schools and Colleges in 2015-2019, and I successfully went through the WASC accreditation process with a visiting commission from the US in April 2017. 

Curriculum Development: Student learning needs were identified through assessing standardised tests and consultations with the faculty staff. I was in charge of designing the curriculum and placing the school order for educational materials for the school year, which involved familiarity with the CCSS (Common Core States Standards in the US) and creation of benchmark statements for this particular institution. Website: