Set Design

The Siamese Twins by Artes Escenicas Rayuela and the Silver Lining Theatre Company

September 2011, London

Designer Sylwia Dobkowska has set the play in a world of newspaper. Nor only are the set walls plastered with it but all the furniture is made from piled bundles. Should we believe what we read? Who controls the media? As some of the dialogue reminds us, the Kennedy assassination gets reported but what about the daily assassinations around us? Perhaps the newspaper idea is part of the original script not just the idea of the designer, but she has certainly made it work effectively, making it possible to dig a newspaper grave.‘ Review by Howard Loxton

‘The main setting is a one-roomed grimy flat (artfully designed by Sylwia Dobkowska using newspapers in multitudinous ways).’ Review by Alison Goldie